Pledge to the Baptist Flag

I pledge allegiance to the Baptist Flag, And to the Faith once delivered unto the Saints. I will ever remain faithful to the tie that binds us together, The Book, the Blood, and the Blessed Hope of our Lord's soon coming.



Why a Baptist Flag?

The Christian Flag is Protestant. Baptists are not Protestants! See Trail of Blood.



How do we feel about so many churches dropping the name "Baptist" from their names? We feel there should be more churches to join that crowd. Those "Free Will" Baptists are NOT Baptists because they do not believe in the Baptist doctrine of Eternal Security! The Calvinist Baptist churches (Sovereign Grace & Primitive) should take the name "Baptist" off their signs and replace it with "Presbyterian"! Predestination is NOT a Baptist doctrine. While we are on the subject, it sure would put a big smile on our faces if more of those liberals would take the name Baptist off of their church names too! Baptist doctrine is Bible doctrine. Real Baptists are Bible Believers!


To order the Baptist Flag, please contact:

Parker Memorial Baptist Church

1902 E. Cavanaugh Rd.

Lansing, Michigan 48910

Phone: 517-882-2280


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