Pastor Dino Hatem Sr., Josh, Dino Jr., Dana, Heather

Bro. Dino Hatem Sr. has been our Pastor since May 16, 2004. Pastor Hatem has a tremendous vision for our church which includes future plans for a school,  bus routes and possibly a children's home. Pastor Hatem puts great emphasis and priority on our visitation ministry, prayer, family, and staying faithful to God's word (The King James Bible) no matter what the cost. His preaching reflects a love for pleasing God and not man.


Bro. Dino Hatem Sr. pastored two other Independent Baptist Churches before accepting the call to pastor our church. The first was Landmark Baptist Church (formerly Magnolia Baptist) in Branford, Florida. The Lord then led him to start a new work in Polk City, Florida. This work in Polk City was called Rock Solid Baptist Church and was a mission out of Lakewood Park Baptist Church.


Pastor Hatem was born in 1967 and was saved at the age of eight while attending a Baptist Church in Ohio through their bus ministry. He married Sis. Dana on May 5 1990 and they have three children, Dino Jr., Heather and Josh. Sis. Hatem was saved at the age of nine, Dino Jr. was saved at the age of ten and Heather was saved in August 2004.




If God were to ask you why He should allow you into the gates of Heaven, what would you say?


Hymn Playing: Leaning On The Everlasting Arms

Lakewood Park Baptist Church Davenport, Florida USA