A message to Young Ladies from the Pastor's Wife

Pastor Dino Hatem Sr and Sister Dana Hatem

Before I get started, Iím going to give you some background information.I met my true soul mate in August 1988.Beside the Lord, Heís the greatest thing that ever happened to me, and if you wait on the Lord, you can find yours also.Me and Dino have been happily married going on 17 years.We have 3 beautiful children: Dino, Heather Rose and Joshua.

Donít let the devil deceive you! Beware! Ladies and young women.

So letís get started.

Greetings.I do not want to hurt anyone through this, I just donít want any of your to make the same sad mistakes my husband and I have made in our lives.


Iím going to be right up front with you all about your must valuable asset, other than your salvation.Itís your virginity.


You only have one shot at this in your life; your husband is the only key that should open the door.Any other key will not fit right.Any other will leave you scars that will never leave you.Anyone who would take that from your husband is the same as a thief! Marital sex is one of the greatest rewards the Lord gives us.Any other way it brings shame and reproach.Itís a thing of great joy when one becomes pregnant when they are married, but when itís out of wedlock, it brings shame and embarrassment.Thatís why God intended one man for one woman forever.Just like the wedding ban round, it never ends just like true love, it never ends.Also, if itís only one man and one woman, you will save yourself from a lot of jealousy and hurt later on.Am I saying we didnít make any mistakes before we met?No, we both made big ones.But the sad thing is we didnít have to if we had just waited on the Lord.Thatís why I canít stress it enough: donít put yourself in the predicament of being alone with a guy, no matter how good a person he is.It doesnít matter, the flesh is weak and the devil is strong.It might seem innocent just holding hands, but the flesh would not be satisfied with that, then a little kiss, before you knot it youíll be in the family way, wondering ďshould I have an abortionĒ, or end up having to marry someone who isnít intended for you, then end up with a divorce, then the children would suffer, because your flesh was hungry.Like I said, nothing could be better than finding the right one.Very easily me and Dinoís life could have ended up differently, but Iím so glad we found each other in Godís timing for us.Like I said, me and my soul mate are going on 17 years together.Has it always been easy?I would be lying if I said it was, but true love sticks together through thick or thin, fat or skinny, bald or with hair.True love never ends.Happy or sad, nothing could break us up, to God be the glory.


I truly pray that you got something out of this, also on the other hand, if you already made a mistake in life, remember, God does forgive anything.Just repent and donít go back to sin.


May God deeply bless each and every one of you.Also one more thing: pray for God to send you the right one.He will, if you wait on Him.

One last thing, my friend; if you would come up in the family way, I will ask you to please consider adoption.Remember, God is the God of forgiveness, all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

Also, read for further help:

1.      1 Cor 7:1-2 ďIt is not good for a man to touch a woman.Ē (That can go both ways.)

2.      2 Tim 2:22 ďFlee youthful lustĒ

Try to pattern your life after Proverbs 31:10-31.

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to email me through the churchís email.

Take care and God bless.


Mrs. Dino A. Hatem, Sr.


Poem by: Dana M. Hatem


ďA Real ManĒ

A real man loves Jesus

A real man waits upon the Lord

A real man comes without a price

A real man is thankful

A real man is humble

A real man is not ashamed to pray in public

A real man is not afraid to tell the truth

A real man loves The Bible

A real man is my husband.


Pastorís Children (Dino Jr. Josh and Heather)